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 Tyger Lyons is as inspiring as they come, the photographer went vegan over a year ago and has now embarked on a Half Ironman journey. Tyger tells us about his travelling excursions, his favourite locations and how he became a sponsored photographer. 

The fact that we capture a single moment means we have to be so prepared for the fraction of a second that is the right time for the shutter

Why Did You Go Vegan?

I was sold from the moment I started learning about a plant based lifestyle…I didn’t know much, but the fact that I felt better, slept better and looked better straight away was signs that it was the right move. I love every aspect of it now – eating clean, raw food from the sources that nature naturally provides makes so much sense and is so fulfilling.

How Long Have You Been Plant Based?

I’ve been plant based for 18 months now

Do you train (if so, what kind)?

I’m a triathlete…Currently training for an upcoming Olympic distance and half ironman in 60 days time – I love the multi sport discipline it keeps the training fresh and engaging…Normally do three swims a week four runs and two rides.

Where Have You Travelled To?

It’s been a while on the road now – we’ve been to over thirty countries and three continents.

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Where’s Your Favourite Location?

Tough one…So many insane places for different reasons – the top three are definitely Sri Lanka, Hawaii and Oman. Each place holds such special memories for different reasons, but in terms of just general scenery, landscape, culture and outdoor activities these ones take the cake for sure!

What Is Life Like As a Photographer?

Pretty full on, but also challenging – I love that about it…The fact that we capture a single moment means we have to be so prepared for the fraction of a second that is the right time for the shutter  

How Did You Get Sponsored and What Advice Would You Give Aspiring Photographers?

Initially I just reached out to brands that had an audience in the space I wanted to get involved with…The more I establish myself the more the works comes in, but I think the biggest lesson I learnt was to be willing to work for free to prove my worth and build relationships with the brands and the people within them.

What Advice would You Give To People Who are New to veganism?

Throw yourself in the deep end and get adventurous with your dishes…And be persistent; personally I haven’t found it too difficult at all, but if people are struggling then they just have to have faith that their taste buds will adjust if the internal feeling of the diet adjustment isn’t enough motivation to keep going.

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