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              Join us to make the best version of yourself possible, we have a whole range of tailor made packages that suit your individual needs. We've got tonnes of experience and ensure that our scientific and tested packages are the right ones for your goals, we assess each one case by case, to make sure it suits your body types, training and will help you achieve your goals. 


Pick from short-term meal plans, on-going coaching and also guides to help newcomers to veganism.

Lifestyle Package 

Dan Treasure



Once you have completed the purchase we will speak to you to discover your aims and goals. Whether you are completely new to veganism, are looking to heal yourself from within, wish to gain a specific physique or want to take your performance to the next level, we are here for you. This is the ultimate vegan nutrition plan that will cater for your needs. It includes an 8 page PDF to veganism, two superfood guides, training plans, a homeworkout and a diet plan specifically for you.

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Ideal for newcomers

Ideal for long-time vegans 

On-Going Online Coaching √

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Our VA Guide to Veganism for newcomers √

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Vegans Gain Package


Ant Rogan

 The Vegan Gains Package is for somebody who wants to get their nutrition on point and hit specific aims or targets. It's perfect for someone who already has their training plan or who isn't able to train. We will write a macro plan and a meal guide example with other advice to help you reach your aim. This six week plan is best carried alongside training regime for best results.


Tailor Made Diet Plan √

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Caloric Total with breakdown √

Macro Percentages √

Meal Plans √

Perfect Food Timing (scientific) √


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