Going Vegan Podcast- #Episode 01

The Ripple Effect Podcast

In this podcast we have a general discussion and talk about our vegan journey so far, this includes some of the things that influenced us, accounts and websites you can use for help and some great research that’s out there. We try our best to tackle some of the pre-conceived notions and negative misconceptions of a vegan diet whilst also encouraging small changes. We talk about the struggles and some of the things we often hear or have to deal with. 

Listen to The Ripple Effect, Episode 1, below.


Ripple Effect Podcast

How to Go Vegan

Many people seem to think making the change is a difficult one but we try to cover some of the following questions:

Can vegans get enough protein?

Of course they can, we have been vegan for over three years and feel stronger now than ever. We discuss the amount of times we have been asked this question and point you towards other athletes such as Torre Washington who completely debunk this myth.

Is there too much potassium in bananas?

This is something we touched on on before and is one of the things you are asked as a vegan and especially when being someone who eats a lot of bananas.

What vegan athletes can I follow on Instagram?

We have had numerous interviews with inspiring vegan athletes such as Chase Armitage, Bianca Taylor and many more.

Show Notes

Despite having a casual conversation between ourselves we have tried to answer some of the questions about being vegan that you might have, something you are familiar with and common questions or ridicule we are sometimes faced with. Please find below some studies to accompany things we have discussed.

1-2 minutes

 PH Levels- This theory was mentioned in 80-10-10, Dr Douglas Graham.

6 minutes, Potassium- This is something that should have been put to sleep by now, as we mentioned some people would need 487 bananas within 30 seconds for any fatal affects.

12 minutes– Omega 3’s- We talk about the ways Omega 3 and Omega 6 ratio needs to be in the right amount for DPA, EPA and DHA. A frequently asked question is how vegans lack DPA and EPA? Find out from 12 minutes onwards as discuss how you can get algaes such as Spirulina, Phytoplankton and Chlorella.

Algaes- We discuss B12 but there’s limited studies on algae being bioavailable enough to use as a source. We got carried away and forgot to mention this, both vegans and meat eaters are both often deficient because of the poor soil quality. Best sources are unfortunately fortified foods such as almond milks, tofu and supplements.

14 minutes– Rev Foods are a fantastic source for supplements, we use Medicinal Mushrooms that include 13 different strains of mushroom including Chaga, Cordycyps and Lions Mane. Get 15% off with the code vegathlete on all products.

17 minutes, Calcium- Study that includes Harvard research.

19 minutes, How my Step Dad combatted acid reflux and lost weight in just 2-6 weeks with our vegan transformations.


Vegan Transformation

24 minutes, Books- China Study, Thrive, How not to die (more on our Instagram)

Documentaries– Cowspiracy, Forks Over Knives, What The Health, 30 days to reverse diabetes, Earthlings

30 minutes, Dr Max Gerson and other info for MS and plantbased diets here. The people we are talking about are Dr Swank and Dr McDougall.

People mentioned

Robert Cheeke (Veganbodybuilding.com)

Robert Cheeke

Torre Washington


Chase Armitage

Chase Armitage

Dustin Watten


David Carter (300 pound vegan)

David Carter

Chrissy Lodge


Dean Howell (The Real Health Coach)

Dean Howell

Timothy Shieff

Timothy Shieff


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