Five Reasons You Should Train Outside

Anthony Rogan

There is something about the outdoors that feels good. Maybe it is the animal that is in all of us. Every time I do some exercise I feel amazing but when I have done some training outdoors I feel even better. I would say this is purely down to the vitamin D that we get when being out in the sun. However, I have still been training outdoors throughout the winter and I still feel amazing after the workout.


This can’t be only down to the vitamin D we receive when being outdoors because let’s face it, in the UK during the winter there’s not a lot of sunlight about. I feel like connecting with nature has a huge part to play with it. The smell of running through the woods gives you a great buzz. If you have ever looked into earthing then these feelings about training outdoors might be familiar to you. Earthing is a great concept. If you have never heard of it before then check out this website to familiarise yourself with earthing!

Earthing makes complete sense. When I have talked to a few people about it, some react great and some think it’s not right. Whatever your view is on earthing I believe everyone should be doing some form of training out in the open. The beauty of it is that the selection of training is limitless. You can run, swim (not in any lakes where I live but some people will be able to) calisthenics, resistance training with logs ect, and plenty more options out there. There a plenty advantages from all kinds of angles why training outdoors is good for us.

Vegan Calisthenics
We’re lucky enough to have found this park nearby.

It Will Make You Happier!

When exercising outdoors you are constantly breathing in fresh air opposed to the recycled air. According to several studies exercising outdoors creates greater feelings of energy, revitalization, and positive thinking.


You Can Train When You Want!

Ever had it where you say to yourself “i will go to the gym at this time” only to find out that when you arrive or type in the opening times into Google that they are closed. Training outdoors you will never have that problem. Be your own boss!


It’s Easier to Stick to!

I have worked in a gym for nearly six years now. I have seen both men and women look terrified when just coming in to ask for information about the gym. Let’s face it the gym can be a daunting task. Walking into a environment you have never been in before feeling like everyone is judging you. Training outside means you won’t have these problems. Which means, more chance of you sticking to training.

Save Money

Gym membership…what gym membership? Training outside will save you that little bit of money you can spend on salads not beer. I apologise if at this point I sound like an advert on the radio.


Have Fun- Less Chance of Boredom!

A lot of people do not like working out. So being in the same space every day or several days a week is going to be even less appealing to them. Go outdoors, your environment can change when ever you want. For example, last weekend I went running in the hills and today I went down the canal. Both completely different as I got to experience new scenery and thoroughly enjoyed having a change.



Add some form of outdoor exercise into your training routine and let us know what you think! We will answer all comments 🙂 on this post :).

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