Suunto Traverse Alpha 2020 Review

Looking for a sleek companion for the great outdoors?

We have trialled and tested some of the best fitness watches and outdoor devices on the market. Suunto are always a stand-out contender, they’re a fan-favourite for good reason.

Constantly pushing the envelope, the Finnish brand ensures a durable device capable of doing far more than telling the time. Enjoy features that include a compass, navigation, smart phone compatible, altimeter, water resistance, heart-rate monitor and much more.

  • GPS & GLONASS for accurate navigation
  • Tracking includes altitude, sunset, distance, time, heartrate & more
  • Water resistant to 330 Ft/ 100 Meters
  • check
    Super-sleek for everyday style
  • check
    Powerful battery life- up to 100 hours with GPS
  • We have found it at great value

  • Transferring data to PC takes 10 minutes

Read on for more on features, difference between Suunto Traverse v Suunto Traverse Alpha and our final review & rating.

A Look at Suunto Traverse Alpha

When looking at a watch of this magnitude we take into account it’s specific features for trekking extreme trails. In addition to that, it’s also important to test their proclaimed versatility.

The super-stylish design is one that can be embraced each and every day. That’s one of the things we love about this, it goes under the radar. It’s smooth design and complete features ensure that you get your money’s worth, speaking of which, is more than reasonable.

All the tracking data you could ever imagine, is integrated onto this wristwear. Use the Bluetooth capabilities to pair it to your phone. You’ll also be able to ensure that you keep record of your heartrate, route, directions and speed.

 GLONASS on Suunto

What is GLONASS? The Suunto Traverse has both GPS and GLONASS. What we enjoy with GLONASS is that the European version of satellite navigation is reliable, it’s been made with a durable design.

It’s precise and accurate to your location.

Plus, it doesn’t drain your battery. One reason for the impressive battery life that this smart watch packs.

If you’re worried about missing out on GPS, then don’t be. The watch doubles up, with both GPS and GLOSNASS, access the 31 satellites from GPS as you rely on its record of distance, navigation and trail tracker.

Pinpoint waypoints in POI navigation including longitude and latitude.

  • GLOSNASS & GPS for Accurate Location
  • Tracking data: Heartrate, Altitude, Navigation, Sunset, Notifications, Sea Lvl Pressure, Storm Alarm, Temperature, Speed,  Distance & more.
  • Device Pairing via Bluetooth
  • check
    Step and Calorie Counter
  • check
    Robust Sapphire Crystal Glass Display
  • Water Resistant to 100m/330ft
  • Compatible with phone for iOS & Android

Why the Suunto Traverse Alpha?

First things first, the reason we’re huge fans of Suunto is because they’re a reliable Finland brand that have experience trekking, venturing and enjoying outdoor sports. In fact, they have a team of experts that test the watch outside in the cold, during activity. They also dip into water, putting its 330 Feet (100 Metres) water resistance to the test.

Its Display

Built for action, it comes equipped with a steel bezel, a reinforced, scratch proof glass and durable nylon strap.

You’ll also be able to effortlessly navigate through the various functions. Simply click the buttons on the side, they offer feedback ensuring that if you’re in the cold, wet or are wearing gloves, you can still quickly and swiftly access your data.

It’s key to note that once you sync it to your phone, it automatically updates the time. Whether the clocks go forward, back or you move time zone, Suunto is on to it!

Accurate Navigation & Planning Routes

As discussed, the combination of GLOSNASS and GPS enables hikers or sports enthusiasts to enjoy precise coordinates. As well as being able to guide you to your destination, you can also embrace the topographic map that helps you find the altitude, your surrounding area and more.

The best trekkers are prepared. You can plan your trip beforehand with the topographics maps.

Sync to Your Phone via Bluetooth

Although the point of this watch isn’t to compete with smart watches. It does, as it provides much more value. Despite being stylish it isn’t a fashion statement; it is a robust watch. Yet, it does compete with Apple Watches with its smart notification.

Receive messages, calls and notifications on your watch but without the loud disturbance.

You will also get notifications and storm alerts, if the pressure drops below hPa (0.12 inHg) you will be informed and you’ll also get details and times on sunsets and sunrises.

What's the difference between the Suunto Traverse and the Traverse Alpha?

There are additional functions added to the Alpha. It is also more reliable, durable and lightweight. Check the stats below.

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