Top 5 Best Smoothie Blenders- 2020

"It's Important to Choose the Best Blender for Smoothies..."

Enjoying a good smoothie is a daily ritual for us- and we always find it important to have the right tools for the job.

We have trialled a number of different smoothie blenders and here are our top 5 picks for 2020.

Making a smoothie is a great way for our body to begin the day and enables us to easily break down fibre, nutrients, vitamins and some of the key macronutrients that we need. Too often people head down to their local supermarket and waste money on cheap blenders, use our review below to help you find the best blender for you.

We discuss our smoothie makers and some of our other favourites right here!

  • Perfect for domestic and commercial use
  • Has an astonishing 1641 watts of power 
  • Blade speed of 434kmh
  • check
    It is very quiet considering the power
  • check
    What we consider the best blender overall
  • It is expensive

Vitamix remains the number one when it comes to smoothie blenders and this one is well worth its price tag.

We believe this to be the best smoothie blender on the market.

It comes with a seven year warranty and is known for not only being reliable but for being a complete blending powerhouse. The blades reach an incredible 434km and it comes packed with 1641 watts of power.

The elegant design ensures that it can fit in with your kitchen’s contemporary style and what’s more, it is easy to use and works efficiently to make smoothies, soups and it can blend ice with ease!

This is the real deal and although the price is steep, if you are serious about your blending and want something reliable that only makes the best smoothies time and time again, then this is the pick for you. We were thoroughly impressed with this machine.

  • Great value
  • Boasts 1200 watts of power
  • An elegant design
  • check
    Comes in numerous colours
  • check
    Comes with a glass jug of 1.8 litre capacity
  • Warranty rarely extends past faults for the motor

Although I have had the privilege of using the Vitamix, this is the blender that I actually own!

Although it cannot compete with Vitamix in terms of power and decades of reliability, it is certainly the full package that can be obtained for just north of £150/$189.

It has a sleek design with a rounded base and comes in black, white, red, cream and grey.

This is an unbelievable amount of power for a product so cheap, it has 1200 watts under its belt and I have had mine for around 5 years and I am still over the moon that I committed to this purchase.

  • The easiest blender to use
  • The best blender for smoothies at this price
  • Easy to clean
  • check
    Easy to take on the move
  • check
    Comes with 9 parts including a recipe book
  • It can't compete with Vitamix for watts but is still extremely powerful.

One of the most recognised names on the market and for good reason too. The Nutribullet is cheap yet it brandishes nothing but top quality.

It is the most simple to use and can blend up your entire smoothie recipe within seconds. Place the container on top, twist and you will be consuming those essential nutrients in no time!

There are various versions of the bullet but this is our favourite series with its 9-piece kit.

  • An powerful 1000-watt motor
  • A sleek design with an LCD touch sensitive display
  • A number of speed settings for soups and smoothies
  • check
    Great value
  • check
    BPA free
  • It does not have a glass jug
  • Minus Circle
    Isn't as well-known as some of the other brands

I previously mentioned that I have the Magimix blender.. well Ant who runs the other half of “Vegan Athletes” opted for this beauty, the Sage Kinetix.

In many ways it poses similarities to the Magimix, it is powerful, reliable and is unbelievably great value for money.

It has a BPA free jug and can hold up to 1.5 litres full of smoothie goodness, it also showcases a 1000watt motor.

It has a pretty cool LCD touch sensitive display and is one of the most stylish blenders around.

  • Comprehensive range of colours
  • Ability to chop, cream, heat, blend, grind
  • Versatile machine
  • check
    Great value for a Vitamix
  • check
    Easy to rinse and self maintain
  • Not a glass jug
  • Minus Circle
    A lot of money despite it being the least expensive of Vitamix products

They continue to dominate the industry with their incredible designs, basic in look but certainly the most innovative blenders around.

The Series 300 is a bespoke choice but is available for a lot less! It is a smoothie and food processor with ten speeds.

It has a pulse mode and can create just about every texture or consistency. If you are looking for something reliable and as powerful as can be, then treat your health to this unrivalled brand.

Juicers vs Blenders

The all important question that constantly crops up, which is better- the juice or blender?

It is hard to pick a side when it comes to juices vs smoothies as they are both very different. They are different for one main reason, fibre! Fibre is the difference between juicing and blending as there is fibre in smoothies and not in juice. This means when enjoying a nice cold juice  you can absorb your nutrients quickly without fibre as juicers take out the pulp from fruit. 

Whereas, smoothies keep the fibre. Seems fibre is great for us and most people are deficient in the vital nutrient it is important to have smoothies and high fibre foods. We still get chance to pack it full of nutrients and our body will absorb it quickly. In fact, it can be better with many fruits as the body reacts better to natural fructose when it is consumed with the fruit’s fibre.

We aren’t going to pick a side, but we believe smoothies should be enjoyed on a daily basis and you can choose a different recipe to keep things interesting.

Which Blender is Best for Smoothies?

All of the above blenders have been handpicked to make the best smoothies, for vegans and non-vegans alike. With that said, you will find that both Vitamix blenders on this page, the Magimix and Sage blenders all double up as food processors as well.

Best blenders for smoothies are ones that have the following:

  • Numerous speed settings
  • Can crush ice/frozen fruit
  • Pulse features
  • Specific smoothie function
  • Is powerful
  • Easy to Clean

We have found five matching blenders that meet all of the aforementioned criteria. If you wish to get a blender sure to last, that is recognised for being one of the best, then use our reviews above. Effortlessly mix your protein-filled smoothies, smoothie bowls or other concoctions. 

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