Ripple Effect: Episode 02- Why Should We Get Better Sleep?

We decided to cover something that tends to be hugely overlooked- sleep! Despite it contributing to muscle growth, reaction time, recovery and mental health, we still seem to ignore the importance of good quality sleep. In this episode we have a discussion between ourselves on ways we have improved our sleep and why it’s an integral part of our lifestyle.

Listen to The Ripple Effect- Why Should We Get Better Sleep? Below!


Ripple Effect Podcast

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Why is Sleep So Important?

  • Muscle Growth (Anabolic state during REM sleep)
  • Higher Libido
  • Increased Reaction Time
  • Improved Memory
  • Improved Focus
  • Influx of Energy
  • Increase in Serotonin (better mood)
  • Decrease Cortisol (lower stress)
  • Longevity 
  • More Empathy
  • Better Skin (Clear Acne)

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Does Good Sleep Improve Muscle Growth?

It does and this works for a number of reasons, the primary one being that we recover during sleep as we are in an anabolic state where our muscles can grow. 

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How Can I Get Better Sleep?

You can use the Revolution Foods recover protein and not only has it got a full vegan amino acid profile, but also has super foods and tryptophan that we mention. We are affiliated with these guys and even before then, we have always recommended their quality superfoods and more.

There are many ways to get better sleep, our body works in symphony and better nutrition means better sleep, better sleep means better nutrition. The cycle is beneficial both ways for performance, food and sleep. We talk about ways to improve your sleep and this includes diet, reading before bed, removing blue screens, utilising negative IONs and many other tactics that we have used ourselves. 

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Show Notes

We like to keep the show as a casual conversation between ourselves and discuss things we would when we are usually together. Despite this, we have tried to cover enough information and even direct you towards studies and books that helped improve our knowledge on this subject. Please find below, our show notes.

Sleep First

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