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Online Training

Vegan Gains Package

Work with us to achieve your dream physique or optimal sports performance. This includes a caloric and macro breakdown, we'll work out your calorie total and provide a day's meal example.



£29.99- Buy Now


Ant Rogan

Summer Ready 

Get summer ready in three hours, you don't need to train two times a day to lean up. Tone up, burn fat and prepare for summer with our weight training, HIIT workouts and personalised diet plans for you.


£50 *Special Offer*

For more information on our packages and online coaching click the link below.


Lifestyle Enhancement

Whatever the aim, we create the perfect plan for you. Whether you are new to veganism or not, we can guide you into shape. We will tailor make a training plan, diet guide and will also include a superfood PDF, home workout and 8 page guide to veganism.

£30.00- Buy Now


Nutritional & Training Add-Ons

Our tried and tested programmes have worked over and over, you can now join the hundreds of vegan athletes. The complete package comes with a Superfood guide and a VA Guide to Veganism.

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Vegan Athletes

    Vegan Athletes

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